Water Filtration/Treatment

The Z Sphere has two options for treating impure water. One of them even removes radioactive contamination!

Food Production

The Z Sphere has two options for food production, one interior and one exterior. Both are low-maintenance hydroponic solutions.

Power Generation

Solar, wind and other power options based on your needs. The Z Sphere can be configured as your own dedicated micro power utility!

Disaster Protection

The Z Sphere is designed to withstand the harshest of environments, including hurricanes, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, extreme cold to name a few.

Living or Working Space

Why not get back to what we used to do and work where we live? The Z Sphere brings that concept back into the limelight.

Potable Water Source

The Z Sphere has two options for creating potable drinking water; atmospheric and rainwater harvesting.

Emergency Relief

The Z Sphere is the ideal solution for introducing basic survival needs, medical treatment and more into disaster areas.

About Trinity Development Unlimited, LLC

Trinity Development Unlimited, LLC is a REAL sustainability solutions company. We’ve created a simple, durable, yet highly efficient building solution intended to save lives and reduce dependence on today’s unsustainable water, food, power and building methods. The Z Sphere system incorporates unique sustainability features (such as fresh water, food and power production) that will revolutionize the way we live & work anywhere in the world. The Z Sphere is not for everyone. It’s not intended for major cities which are by design, promoting dependency and complexity. We’re looking for those customers that know they need to make a change to reduce dependency on current “systems” of living and begin making a difference for generations to come! If you are an individual, mother or father responsible for your family, like-minded group, church, firefighter, responsible government representative (are there any left?), military leader or other person concerned for the well-being of those around you, then the Z Sphere is for you!

Our Team

President David Atkinson and his team have over 60 years of industry knowledge and expertise in bringing complex products from concept to commercial production, including stainless steel medical & research equipment, aluminum boat lifts, complex information technology systems, automotive manufacturing facilities, energy efficient residential construction and more. There is a growing trend globally of extreme natural disasters, resource scarcity, climate change, massive loss of life, property and ecological damage. TDU’s Z Sphere system has the features to address these challenges in nearly every case. The system also has minimal-to-no impact on the surrounding environment and a fast time to implementation (typically less than 180 days from time of order to complete installation).

Meet The Team

David Atkinson

Manager & Director Business Development

team member

Kory Schuerr

Vice President of Field Operations

team member

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